What can be said about the Biggest Little Rock Band on this fair blue marble? It's hard to sum up so much with so little space, but here goes: LtD is like a 12'er of beer wrapped in bacon, enjoyed while 1,000 tiny hands reach into your ears and massage your eardrums with the Rockin-est blend of funk, country, soul, and blues you ever heard! Now, whatcha think of that?
Twirling Like a Hurricane EP

Twirling Like a Hurricane EP

This is our newest, freshest set of tunes!

Madness and Morals EP

Select tracks from Louder than Dirt’s latest full-length album, Madness and Morals.

Purchase it from Bandcamp today!

Oily Little Rainbows

This is Louder than Dirt’s first album, as well as the first release on the Bottom Floor Records label.


Greg "DK" Kelley - Guitar, vocals, literary master, iced tea afficianado Julian Phillips - Bass, vocals, Yardero, voted "Hottest Bass Player" by Rock Moms Magazine Adam Lawsky - Keys, vocals, Maitre d' of ceremonies, Joseph Lawsky - Drums, vocals, beer monger
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